Terms of Service

1.1. These Terms of Service of REA & MEA CONSULTING (FZC), SAIF Office Ql-08-113 / B, P.O.Box 514739, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (among other things called „we“ or „us“) apply to paid membership in our Members area (called „order“) and sale of all goods from our range as well as for other legal transactions and these Terms of Service are recognized by the customer (called „you“ or „you“) with each order; these Terms of Service can be changed by us at any time and apply in the current version at the time of your order.


1.2. In addition, these Terms of Service are freely available on our website at https://www.folgedeinerseele.com/terms and can be saved and printed out by you in a reproducible form.


1.3. We do not recognize any of the contractual partner’s (customer’s) regulations that conflict with, differ from or supplement our Terms of Service.


1.4. Customers in the sense of these Terms of Service are both consumers and businesses.


1.5. Should individual provisions of these Terms of Service or the contract concluded with the contractual partner be ineffective in whole or in part, this does not affect the validity of the rest of the contract.


1.6. If you did not receive these Terms of Service with the offer or if they were not handed over to you in a different situation, these Terms of Service will still apply if you knew or had to know them from a previous business relationship.


1.7. If there are gaps in the contract, the contracting parties undertake to agree on a provision that comes as close as possible to the ineffective provision in the economic result; if a mutually agreed regulation does not come into effect, such a provision is considered agreed that most closely corresponds to the ineffective provision.

2.1. Our offers and notifications – also upon your request – are subject to change without notice and non-binding, if and insofar as they are not expressly stated as binding for a certain period. Cost estimates are non-binding in all respects, unless we expressly declare the cost estimate to be binding in writing in the cost estimate.


2.2. The presentation in our online shop is only a non-binding invitation to order from us.


2.3. We only conclude contracts with natural persons with unlimited legal capacity who have reached the age of 18. People under the age of 18 may only purchase our services with the consent of a parent or guardian.


2.4. In order to send an online order via our website, registration (ie creation of a user profile) is required. As soon as you have created a user profile, you only need to enter the login and password you specified when you registered for the first time. You are obliged to fill in the fields (or details) provided in the online form completely and truthfully. We reserve the right, at our own discretion, to deny access to our website or to close an account.


2.5. After placing your order on our website, you will receive an automatically generated order confirmation by email. In this order confirmation, the data of your order and these Terms of Service are listed again. The automatically generated e-mail order confirmation does not represent acceptance of the offer, but merely documents that we have received the order. We then check availability.


2.6. Outside of the website, the following applies: With the order you declare your contract offer as binding. Our possible confirmation of receipt does not yet constitute a binding acceptance of the order, but merely documents that we have received the order. The confirmation of receipt is only a declaration of acceptance if we expressly confirm this. We are entitled to accept the contract offer in the order within 2 weeks.


2.7. We are free to reject orders or online orders without giving reasons. We reserve the right to carry out the order and only accept the order by means of a separate order confirmation by email, but at the latest by providing the reading. In any case, a contract is only concluded when we accept your order.

3.1. In the absence of a special agreement, all of our prices are in EUR including VAT and all payments to us are to be made in EUR only.


3.2. Obvious errors, in particular errors that were already included in our offer and in the documents belonging to the offer, entitle us to cancel the contract or to change the agreed prices appropriately at any time.


3.3. If it is delivered in parts, we are entitled to submit partial invoices.


3.4. Unless special payment terms have been agreed, payments to us are due monthly and payable immediately gross without deduction. Payment by bill of exchange or check is only deemed to have been fulfilled when the redemption is covered.


3.5. Offsetting your claims against our claims is not permitted, unless your claims are legally related to your contractual liability, they are claims that have been judicially established or recognized by us in writing. We or companies affiliated with us can, however, assert claims by means of offsetting.


3.6. Payments with debt-relieving effect can only be made to the paying agent (s) specified there on the website; Payments to representatives or deliverers do not release you from your payment obligation. The day of payment is the day the payment is received in our account.


3.7. We are entitled to credit payments against your older debts, in spite of contrary provisions on your part. If costs and interest have already arisen, we are entitled to offset the payment first against the costs, then against the interest and finally against the main service. A different dedication of the payment by you is ineffective.


3.8. We reserve the right to require you to make advance payments or advance payments and to secure payment even before the delivery has been carried out. If there are reasonable doubts about your solvency or creditworthiness after the conclusion of the contract or if we only become aware of such circumstances at the time of the conclusion of the contract, we are entitled to either demand cash payment or security deposit before delivery or to withdraw from the contract and request reimbursement of the expenses, as well as granted Revoke payment terms and make all credited claims due immediately.


3.9. If you are in default of payment, we are entitled to demand 9 % interest without a reminder, as well as all other payments that are not yet due and prepaid To charge costs, in particular reminder fees and attorney’s fees and to immediately cancel other confirmed orders; we are also entitled to request the termination of the contract in whole or in part.


3.10. Discounts from partial invoices that have already been paid will lapse in the event of late payment with further partial invoices or the total invoice. Agreed appointments for the service will become irrelevant due to your default in payment. In the event of a delay in payment, we are entitled to make the provision of the service dependent on the advance payment or bank-level security of the agreed price or to withdraw entirely from the contract.

3.11. Additional costs due to unforeseeable, necessary interruptions will be invoiced separately after prior notification.

4.1. You have the right to terminate the contract with us at any time. It is not necessary for you to send us notice of termination. If you no longer want to use the services we offer, it is sufficient that you no longer pay the amount for the coming month. We consider this a termination. Until the end of the month you paid for, you will still have unlimited access to all the services that we provide. After the end of this month we will deactivate your access to the member area and from this moment on you will not incur any further costs. Unfortunately, in this case we are unable to refund the price of modules purchased.

5.1. Your warranty claims are based on the statutory provisions. Regardless of your statutory warranty claims and the right of withdrawal for distance selling, returns and exchanges are fundamentally not possible.

5.2. A warranty cannot be given for defects that can be traced back to improper use on your part.


5.3. A prerequisite for the warranty obligation is the fulfillment of the contractual obligations incumbent on the buyer, in particular the agreed payment terms. Warranty claims against us are only available to the direct customer and cannot be assigned.


5.4. The warranty period is 12 months, unless special warranty periods have been agreed for individual services on our part. A correction of defects does not lead to an extension of the warranty period. The warranty period begins as soon as we provide you with the service.


5.5. Immediately recognizable defects are to be reported immediately when we provide you with our service and the type and scope of which are to be reported to us immediately in writing. You must notify us of any open defects in writing within 48 hours of the start of the service or secret defects within 8 days of their discovery in detail and provide evidence of them within 2 weeks of the date of notification. If the notice period is not met, there are no warranty, error or damage claims (including a damage claim for consequential damages).


5.6. If a timely notification of defects has been made and you have proven the lack of conformity with the service, we are entitled to remedy the lack of conformity within a reasonable period of time and you can only request this from us. Change is not an option if there is a minor defect within the meaning of the law. If the replacement is impossible or involves a disproportionate effort, you can only claim compensation in cash if we ourselves act with intent or gross negligence. Compensation for consequential harm caused by a defect is only permitted under this restriction. Other claims – especially claims for damages – on your part due to defects are excluded.

6.1. We are only liable for damages for willful and grossly negligent behavior and regardless of the degree of fault for damage from injury to life, limb or health. Compensation for consequential damage caused by a defect as well as compensation for damage by third parties is excluded.


6.2. We cannot accept any liability for damage caused by improper handling and improper use.

7.1. The website operated by us as well as its entire content, in particular texts, photos, images, graphics, prints, textile designs, films, presentations, sounds, illustrations and any software as well as all trademarks and / or designs are protected by industrial property rights, in particular copyrights, names – and image rights, trademarks and / or registered or unregistered design rights are protected against unauthorized use.


7.2. All messages, graphics and the design of our website serve exclusively for the personal information of our customers. Use at your own risk. The reproduction, copying and printing of the entire website are only permitted for the purpose of an order with us as the operator of the virtual shop. Any use outside of the search and purchase of goods requires prior written consent on our part or, if the respective rights are not with us, on the part of the rights holder. Any further processing, duplication, distribution and / or public reproduction exceeds the normal use and constitutes a violation of copyright.

8.1. The forum only serves to allow participants to exchange views on the content of our offer and thereby deepen their experience, as well as to ask questions about the content of our offer. The contributions posted by users there are not checked by us before publication.

8.2. It is prohibited to abuse the forum for self-promotion and to post content that is illegal, pornographic, offensive, racist or otherwise inhumane, violates copyrights or other rights of third parties.

8.3. The forum is moderated. If violations of these Terms of Service are found, we have the right to warn and refer and to delete the customer account. In this case, amounts already paid will not be reimbursed.

9.1. Information on data protection can be found in our separate data protection declaration at https://www.folgedeinerseele.com/privacy, which is not part of the contract but fulfills the information obligations of the GDPR.

10.1. The law of the United Arab Emirates applies to all legal transactions to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. The place of performance is Sharjah. The place of jurisdiction is – to the extent permitted by law – Sharjah.